Get Fans for Your Apps

About Us

Fresvii is run by a tight outfit of Bay Area game developers with a vast experience in backend development for games. Based on our experience, we learned how the fundamental element for services, “a good relationship with end users" is important, and how it can dramatically affect the value of products. We developed AppSteroid, which is our answer to build "a good relationship with end users”, for all app developers.

About AppSteroid

AppSteroid is a one-stop-social-platform, designed for all app developers to build a good relationship with their end users through its user community.

Why AppSteroid?

With AppSteroid, common end users will convert into fans with these steps:

  • Social functions will increase user retention and time spent inside the app.
  • Social activity and sharing by the community will trigger to acquire new users.
  • Cross promotion will efficiently migrate your fans to other titles.

AppSteroid is the only, and sustained SDK service for mobile apps, taking a new approach to make any titles social within an hour, withal building a good relationship between you and your end users with it’s powerful social tools.

Mailing address

Fresvii, Inc.
609 Price Ave, Suite 210
Redwood City, CA 94063