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Generate High Quality Users

Convert existing users into quality users with in-app community

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User Acquisition

Organically acquire new users through social share

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Cross Promotion

Migrate quality users to other titles efficiently

Get More Retention and Engagement
Social Booster!

AppSteroid is a social platform that adds user community with video recording function to application with ease. These social function will increase user retention rate, and the time spent in app by over 20%.

User Retention

Acquire More Users!
Sharing Features on App Community

Users can easily share the recorded gameplay videos and game events to social media. AppSteroid will generate organic user growth through social share.

Migrate Fans to other Titles!
Promote Your App

Cross promotion function provided by AppSteroid has a great performance in conversion rate. AppSteroid will efficiently migrate the high performance users who spend time in your app and community.

User Circulation

One-stop-platform for App Developers

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AppSteroid Feature

Video Recording / Share

Record the exciting moment of gameplay, and share it to friends in AppSteroid community or other social media. Players can record, upload and share the video with no stress, withal checking it’s playback counts and likes.

Push Notification

Our dedicated push notification system allow developers to distribute messages to 300,000 devices per minute. Distribution can be scheduled, automated and segmented by a customizable user group of your demand on Fresvii web console.

AppSteroid Push Notification

User Segmantation

Segment existing users by country, language, registration date and other key values to create an unique user group. This user group can be used as a destination of push notification.

Game Forum

A space for users to talk about the game, and for developers to make announcement. Forums are secured by world filter, muting system, reporting system, and also can be managed by different language.

AppSteroid Forum

Group Message

Group message will allow users to communicate with other users in app privately. Texting, image, stickers, gameplay video will enlite the communication. Whenever there is an update in a group, all users in that group will receive a push message.

Event Creation / Share

Design events that keeps the audience coming back. Events can be scheduled, and can be shared to social media by users. Corroborate with push notification to get a higher participation rate.

AppSteroid Event

Multi Leaderboard

AppSteroid enable to manage multiple scores easily in a single game. Combine the wide variety of score metrics like level, item count, time attack and more to maximize user engagement.

User Profile

Friend list, recorded videos, statistic info of the app can be checked on this page. Users can invite their friend to install the game by sharing videos and app info to social media.

AppSteroid Profile


Reward users who shared contents, events and videos to social media. Boost user social activity with rewards to increase retention and engagement.

Cross Promotion

Effectively migrate users to other titles with game play video ads, event ads and more.

AppSteroid Cross Promotion

Full GUI Set

Choose a GUI set matching your app from our 10 selection of refined GUI.

Multi Language Support

AppSteroid SDK currently support 11 language. English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

AppSteroid SDK Language

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